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Wooden Castanets

SKU: CAS101 Category:
SGD 7.50

Claves – 7″

7″ Claves

SKU: CLA107 Category:
SGD 10.00

Claves – 8″

8″ Red Wood Claves

SKU: CLA108 Category:
SGD 15.00

Guiro Shaker

Guiro cum shaker

SKU: GSH101 Category:
SGD 11.00

Single Tone Guiro Block

Single tone guiro, wooden agogo with mallet

SKU: GTB101 Category:
SGD 8.00

Two Tone Block

Two tone wood block with mallet

SKU: TTB101 Category:
SGD 10.00

Two-Tone Guiro

Two-tone guiro with mallet

SKU: TTG101 Category:
SGD 13.20



SKU: VS101 Category:
SGD 27.00

Showing all 8 results