Loop Wizards LIVE

Fusing Technology and Music for a Highly Interactive Aesthetic Week Extravaganza!

Expand your musical explorations with looping, sampling, and beat-making! Using apps, loops and sampled sounds pre-recorded and pre-curated by Music Solutions, students get their chance to take centerstage as the “DJ of the moment” and perform a short live show to fellow schoolmates during Aesthetic Week! The next family gathering will never be the same again.

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What you can expect…

  • How to blend different loops and pre-sampled sounds to create a sequenced track for performance
  • Real-time live performance in just a matter of minutes – a perfect blend for recess activity
  • Guaranteed fun, educational and excitement for students!
  • Provision of iPads for exploration


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*Note: Actual software and tools used in Music Solutions’ programs can vary.