Since 1999, we have partnered with MOE Schools with proven track record in customising programmes, listening to your needs and delivering your objectives. Music Solutions offers a diverse range of programmes aimed at enriching the musical landscape of Singapore spanning from Assembly Shows, Recess Activities, Enrichments, CCA, Special Event such as Racial Harmony Day, Mothers’ Tongue Week, and many more. From music education initiatives catering to all age groups to performances showcasing local talents, Music Solutions is dedicated to fostering a deep appreciation for music within the community.

With endorsement from the National Arts Council (NAC), it underscores Music Solutions’ commitment to maintaining rigorous standards and ensuring quality in their offerings. By obtaining NAC endorsement, Music Solutions not only gains recognition for their dedication to excellence but also aligns themselves with a reputable institution that shares their vision of nurturing a vibrant and sustainable arts scene in Singapore. This endorsement serves as a mark of assurance for participants and stakeholders, highlighting Music Solutions’ adherence to industry standards and its contributions to the cultural enrichment of Singaporeans.

For an extensive list of NAC-AEP approved programmes, click here