At TeamPlay Solutions, we believe the arts go beyond education in our daily lives. Partnering with corporate organisations, we bring arts into the workplace, helping organisations achieve their corporate goals through the medium of music, dance and visual art.


A Corporate Arts Programme that serves to engage staff and partners at work, enrich the lives of the working community, and bring about entertainment through the domains of Dance. Fitness, Art and Music.

Achieve Your Corporate Goals with TeamPlay Solutions

At TeamPlay Solutions, we are committed to helping corporations achieve their goals through the transformative power of the arts.

We provide a unique range of modular programmes comprising dance, fitness, art and music, programmes that are fully customisable to suit your organisation’s needs. Be it planning for a regular arts programme or forming an arts interest group to enhance mental well-being, to organising team-building activities to enrich team dynamics, our consultants will be able to provide solutions that best fit your budget and requirements.

Let us tailor a unique experience that enhances creativity, enriches team dynamics and promotes mental well-being. Together, we’ll create an inspiring journey that leaves a lasting impact on your team, leading to a safe, more cohesive, inclusive and thriving work environment.