Music Maxima! Jamming Keys

Jamming Keys is an introductory keyboard programme to encourage pupils to pick up basic keyboard skills. The song styles include pop, rock, latin, reggae, funk, country and classical. It comes with backing tracks which make learning fun and easy. Opportunities for creativity will be incorporated in every lesson through platforms for improvisation and music arrangement. At the end of the workshop, learners will see themselves playing together as an ensemble with different ones playing different parts forming a pop orchestra! Click for programme details.

Music Maxima! Music Creation with IT

Become a music arranger, composer, producer as you learn to create and recording your own piece of music, arrange a new cover for your favourite songs with a different music style/flavour, experiment sampling natural sounds and painting a soundscape, or even performing with virtual instruments! Click for programme details.

Music Maxima! Rhythm Mania

Rhythm Mania is a fun rhythmic experience that will leave pupils grooving to the beat. Rhythm is a language that unites the community and is a channel of communication that gives life and energy to the mind and soul. In Rhythm Mania, authentic instruments are used, examples include local ethnic percussions, exotic world percussions, Brazilian percussion and even household items are used as percussion instruments for rhythm making. Creativity is also harnessed through platforms such as improvisation and music arrangements and composition. Click for programme details.

Music Maxima! Ukulele Around The World

Ukulele Around The World aims to encourage learners to pick up the ukulele easily and appreciate the culture from different parts of the world through their songs. Born in Hawaii, the ukulele has gained a huge surge in popularity in recent years among young and old due to its non intimidating nature and portability. A tiny instrument with a happy cheerful tone that never fails to put a smile on anyone’s face upon hearing it! With just a few simple chords one will immediately be able to sing a huge repertoire of songs from around the globe! Click for programme details.

Music Maxima! Vocal Mania

This programme will equip you with basic singing techniques as well as vocal training where you will be taught basic points to improve both the quality and power of your voice. Explore our wide-ranging repertoire suitable for children including pop/contemporary songs, songs from different music styles – musical theatre/blues/jazz/rock and songs with different cultures & languages. Click for programme details.