A.B.C. Show Series – All Strings Attached

In All Strings Attached, you get to explore the wonderful world of strings as you immerse yourself in performances using a variety of string instruments. From Western to Chinese ethnic instruments, you will be amazed by the creative combinations of different instruments from the STRING family

A.B.C. Show Series – Blow Wind Blow

In Blow Wind Blow, we will be featuring “aerophones” which produce sounds by causing a body of air to vibrate. These include instruments such as recorder, flute, clarinet, trumpet, horn and ethnic instruments such as dizi, suona, ocarina and pan flute.

A.B.C. Show Series – Drum Raider

Taking on the role of an adventure explorer in Drum Raider, you will be taken on an adventurous learning journey to different parts of the world to discover the unique cultural instruments native to the country and the rhythmic styles of their music.

A.B.C. Show Series – The Art of Making Dance

In The art of making dance, we will take you behind the scene into the mind of a choreographer, featuring how dance can be formed simply with everyday movements, exploring the interpretations of emotions with different genres such as the contemporary dance vs street dance.

A.B.C. Show Series – The Music Scene Investigator

In The Music Scene Investigator, you will take on the role of a detective and be taken on an exciting journey through time into different eras of music in an “investigative” manner. Travel back into the Western Classical Music from Baroque to Classical and Romantic eras to uncover about its influence in today’s music used in movies and pop songs.