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Racial Harmony Day Programme

In recent years, incidents relating to racial discrimination and insensitivity have made headlines. Many Singaporeans, including our leaders, have spoken up against such acts.

Commemorated every year on 21 July, we harness the power of the arts and music during our Racial Harmony Day Programme to remind everyone to not let racial differences divide us and instead turn diversity into our source of strength.


  • Music Solutions
    Target Audience


  • Music Solutions


  • Music Solutions

    30 minutes or 45 minutes

  • Music Solutions
    Learning Outcomes

    Through learning about the unique music and art forms of each race, learners will be able to:

    Lesson Goal #1: Appreciate the diverse races and religions that make up our multicultural society

    Lesson Goal #2: Practise Mindfulness, Empathy and Care in how they relate to others

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