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Dance Maxima! Creative Dance

Creative Dance allows pupils to explore movement vocabulary and movement expressions. To elevate an unique experience, Creative Dance runs in multiple themes to intrigue imagination and the application of movement to the theme. Some themes are Exploring the Safari, Under the Sea, African Tribal Council and Reliving Singapore history. Pupils will be taught basic movement concepts and expressions articulation as tools to communicate ideas, and together with beats and rhythm to hone the musicality in dance.

  • Music Solutions
    Target Audience

    Primary Middle, Primary Upper, Secondary Lower, Secondary Upper, JC/CI, ITE

  • Music Solutions

    On-site, Digital, Blended (mix of on-site and digital)

  • Music Solutions

    8 session(s)
    8 hour(s) and 0 minute(s)

  • Music Solutions
    Learning Outcome

    1.To explore movement expressions in according to the theme (to add meaning to the movement).

    2.To build the vocabulary of locomotor and non-locomotor movements in variations of levels, directions and elements of music.

    3.To equip pupils with the skills to execute the movement in a safe and correct way.

    4. To provide a platform for relationship building, cognitive development and creativity through progressive learning experience, group-based activities, movement improvisation and performing opportunities.

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