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Dance Maxima! Rhythmic Groove

Everyone has a natural sense of pulse deep within. Using our own bodies or daily objects as instruments to make music, Rhythmic Groove allows pupils to gain the innate rhythmic sense through a percussive dance with body percussion or daily objects. In this program, simple grooves and rhythmic percussion patterns are taught and pupils are inspired to dance their personality into it. Concepts of both music elements and dance elements are explored throughout the course. At the end of the program, pupils not only gain the ability to create and perform a rhythmic percussive dance, they learn to appreciate how these two art forms relate with each other.

  • Music Solutions
    Target Audience

    Primary Middle, Primary Upper, Secondary Lower, Secondary Upper, JC/CI, ITE

  • Music Solutions

    On-site, Digital, Blended (mix of on-site and digital)

  • Music Solutions

    8 session(s)
    8 hour(s) and 0 minute(s)

  • Music Solutions
    Learning Outcome

    1. To develop body and mind coordination and control

    2. To allow exploration in rhythm making with our bodies or daily objects

    3. To build fundamental movement vocabulary and basic steps to put rhythms in body percussion or daily objects

    4. To encourage creativity through composition in movements and rhythms

    5. To provide a platform for relationship building, cognitive development and creativity through progressive learning experience, group-based activities and performing opportunities.

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