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Music Maxima! Instrumental Ensemble

Instrumental Ensemble comprises of instrument playing that encourages team-bonding and cooperation. Instruments used in this programme are unpitched percussion and pitched percussion including boomwhackers, handbells, handchimes, Angklung, Keyboard and other Orff instruments (resonator bars / xylophones / metallophones / glockenspiel). Instruments such as guitar, ukulele and cajon may be included to give more depth to the ensemble experience and allow pupils to appreciate the beautiful blending of melodic, harmonic and rhythmic instruments all in one ensemble!

  • Music Solutions
    Target Audience

    Primary Middle, Primary Upper, Secondary Lower, Secondary Upper, JC/CI, ITE

  • Music Solutions

    On-site, Digital, Blended (mix of on-site and digital)

  • Music Solutions

    8 session(s)
    8 hour(s) and 0 minute(s)

  • Music Solutions
    Learning Outcome

    1. To inspire pupils to make music as an ensemble and be a team player.

    2. To equip pupils with knowledge on music theory and its practical applications

    3. To play familiar songs including popular contemporary songs, children’s favourite folksongs and local community songs

    4. To encourage creativity through composition

    5. To provide a platform for relationship building, cognitive development and creativity through progressive learning experience, group-based activities, ensemble playing and performing opportunities.

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